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Victor Hugo

Editing Services
I wonder if Victor Hugo had an editor. He might not have needed one. You probably do though.

I offer general-purpose editing services. Although I am open to writing projects of any type, I specialize in certain areas. See below for more details.

Details about pricing are here. I do not work by the word or page, but charge a flat rate for each project. Send me something and I can review it and let you know what I can do for you, and give you a quote and timeline. Every book is different, and I get them at all stages. Sometimes finalizing them is rather straightforward and sometimes not.

Examples of some books and dissertations I've done.


Complete editing of novels of any length or type, fine literature, genre works, or your own unique masterpiece. Developmental editing, line editing and copyediting/proofreading. Everything from checking the flow and continuity to the spelling, grammar and punctuation. Looking at it with a second set of eyes, judging plot and character arcs, themes, tense, voice, all those things. Whatever you need to move ahead with it.

Academic and Non-Fiction

Graduate work. Doctoral dissertations and master's theses. Coaching, editing, and formatting. Can help with proposals, literature reviews, methodologies, managing the cites and references, presenting tables and figures, finalizing everything for submission. I know APA and Chicago styles very well. See the academic page for more.

Non-fiction books. Organization, development, copyediting, formatting, and preparation for publication.

Preparation for Self-Publishing

I can help you create print-on-demand books and ebooks from a completed text. Generally using Amazon, CreateSpace for p.o.d. and Kindle for ebooks. I can do your final proofing and shepherd you through the process. I know Amazon's procedures fairly well. It's not that difficult, once your text is perfect, just a lot of details to address and finalize. (It's the writing that's hard.)

Red Pencil Special
The most economical way to edit something is to do an old-fashioned red-penciling of a printed draft. This only requires pointing out errors, not making the actual corrections to them in the Word doc. It's more efficient, and might be best if you are in the earlier stages of a work and looking for more general comments and such rather than a final proofing.

Things I Do Not Do
I have many skills and offer a variety of book-related services, but not everything. I do not do the following:

Poetry. Wouldn't know where to start.

Statistical work or technical writing. Although I have edited many dissertations in the sciences.

Graphic design or book design. I can incorporate your graphics into docs and format it in Word, but not much more than that.

Connect you with agents or publishers. I'd start with the Writer's Market, which lists nearly all of them. If I edit your book I could help you with query letters and suggestions.

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William McGregor Pastos, The Housemaid

Client Reviews
I hired Mr. Presky to edit a novella I'm submitting to a publisher. He was professional, timely and extremely easy to communicate with. He did a phenomenal job. One should definitely consider him if they are in need of an excellent editor. I was lucky to have Michael Presky as my editor.

Shentale B., March 29, 2014

I just published my book "Beyond Love" thanks to the efficient and professional work done by Michael. His work is not limited to correcting and fixing wording or grammatical errors, although he does that, but Michael's editing considers the work in its totality looking at content, overall structure, smooth transition among paragraphs, clarity and style. Undoubtedly Michael's editing skills contribute a huge value to any book he handles. Michael also is human, friendly and a very easy going person. If there is no doubt that editing is a very important part of publishing process, Michael Presky is the ideal man to do the job. I'm having him work on my next book now. Highly recommended.

Moustafa E., March 15, 2016

This is the first time I've had any work done by Michael Presky, and it certainly won't be the last. His editing was clean and concise, as he worked actively to preserve the author's voice while making it as smooth as possible for the reader. He was fast and thorough, and his services were not extravagantly priced. Excelsior!

Thomas B., Author

I am extremely happy with Michael. English is not my first language, so I desperately needed help editing my thesis. Michael was attentive and very quick!

I am definitely recommending him to some school mates.

My thesis looks unbelievable and my board are very impressive with the changes that Michael made. Thank you so much. Marialice

Marialice S., April 2, 2014

I worked with Michael for three years while researching for my Doctorate in Education at Oregon State University. He was amazing with his editing, word association, extensive knowledge of APA, and attention to details such as spelling, grammar and punctuation. He understood the subject and was very helpful in clarifying my ideas and making the writing flow. He was especially helpful with the literature review, which was extensive, very difficult and required numerous drafts. He was also very effective with time and turning work around back to you.

I owe quite a bit of my accomplishment to Michael. A definite must for Masters and PhD editing, not to mention book publishing. A great source for professionals.

John Glavan, Ph.D.
Professor, Los Angeles City College
Chair, Social Studies Department
Los Angeles, California

Michael Presky really helped me get through my dissertation. I couldn't have gotten it done as soon as I did without him. Very knowledgeable and helpful -- highly recommended!

Cathy (CJ) Johnson, Ed.D., Educational Technology Associate Professor, Pasadena City College Pasadena, California

I needed an editor for a dissertation I was writing, though I had run into a couple of people who said they were editors, time showed that they knew more about charging for the work than the work itself. When I met Mike on Thumbtack, he not only came across as honest, but he put his heart into the dissertation as if it were his own. He enhanced my word usage and filled in the empty spaces with very professional linguistic tones all within a very short period of time.

What impressed me about the service is that it took all of the pressure off as my dissertation was accepted. Michael's maturity and know how went beyond that of mere money and for me, I could not think of anything which could have been better!

James Barkley, D.Min.
Doctor of Ministry, with Emphasis in Leadership
Los Angeles, California, March 3, 2013

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E. B. White

Pacific Literary Arts
Michael Presky
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