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Client Reviews
Mike, You rock so hard, so brutally, and with such magnificence, my heart is moved to the beat of your footfalls. That is just how much I appreciate you.

James Crawford, Virginia, author of the Bloodsoaked series.

We have recently finished a very complicated book involving numbers, lots of text and images. Michael spent hours and hours going through the book, seeing it through about seven drafts. Michael is wonderful to work with, reliable, smart and very thoughtful. He is our editor of choice. He also just finished editing a three book children series and we will have more to send him soon.

Sharon Blair, Author and Publisher
Immaginaire Press, Santa Monica, May 8, 2014

It is with earnest conviction that I recommend Michael as a diligent editor and outstanding leader relative to his skills associated with artistic vision, proofing, formatting, as well as finalization. Over the past few months, I've had the opportunity to assess Michael's professional activities through feedback from my fellow doctoral cohort members. When it came time to select an editor for my dissertation, I did not have to think twice about who I would work with.

Michael is a true professional in every sense of the word and places his clients' interests as priority. His multi-faceted approach exemplifies his dedication to goal achievement. Michael emanates a sense of trust-worthiness that makes you feel secure during what is without a doubt a very involved process. It is with pleasure and gratitude that I provide my highest endorsement.

Dr. Carie Powers, PhD, November 2, 2015

The last several years, Michael Presky has edited over 300,000 words for me and has become my go-to editor. I value his services and skills so much, I referred him to my publisher at Permuted Press, where Mr. Presky currently freelances.

One of the novels he worked on contained myriad foreign names requiring a multi-paged cheat sheet to keep all those names--and all those accents--straight. Mr. Presky took to the task with precision and dare I say glee.

But above all, Michael Presky is an editor who honors the author's words. I've found that if he makes a revision with which I disagree, stylistically, he never insists that the author change to suit his personal taste. In a world where editors wield excessive creative control, Mr. Presky's deference to style is more than welcome, it's craved.

For fast, accurate, and thoughtful editing, look no further than Michael Presky.

David Snell, Author

Mike is an amazing editor. He worked on my novel (over 100,000 words so it was no easy feat) and made it better than I could have ever hoped for. He found errors I overlooked, placed the correct commas and punctuation where it needed to go and made the flow of my writing that much better. I cannot recommend him enough. This is my first experience with any editor and I'm happy I chose Mike.

If you are worried believe me that Mike is your go-to guy, even if your work is a novel and not an academic project. He emailed me back always within a day, and finished my entire novel in less than a couple months. He offered advice, two versions of my novel (one edited and one where he shows the edits) and is exceptional at making sure you, as a customer, are satisfied. Thanks Mike, I will be coming back to you for all my other novels. Oh and to the people wondering, the price was extremely fair.

Alyssa Landau, June 9, 2016

Mike was great to work with. He was very responsive, open to working with my (sometimes unrealistic) deadlines, and produced quality work. My dissertation was accepted without revisions!

Dr. Anne R., September 28, 2015

Mike just finished editing my dissertation, a job that I dramatically underestimated! Running short on time, and drained from the typical dissertation runaround, I finally sought help in getting through editing and formatting. Mike worked so hard for me, finding more errors than I care to admit! He did a fantastic job with my reference list, which was improperly formatted, and often missing the doi for my articles. He cross checked his work with the guidelines from my school (Capella University), and worked to ensure he had things formatted to their specifications.

Communication with Mike was smooth and easy from the get go. He responded to all my emails very quickly, usually within hours, but not longer than a day. He even worked on the weekend to get my edits completed for me! There were a few points when we needed to make some additional changes, and all that was accomplished seamlessly.

Mike finished his work for me in a short period of time and for a very reasonable price.

Most importantly, once Mike was through with his edits, my dissertation was approved with no further edits needed!

I whole-heartedly recommend Mike for anyone looking for an honest, hard-working, easy going, meticulous editor. A million thanks to you, Mike!

Julie H., March 1, 2015

I had a super experience working with Mike. Initially, I had hired him to give a final edit to my manuscript. His work was thorough and turn-around timely. When additional projects arose, he was my 'go to' guy. And when my needs exceeded his immediate experience, he dug in and became expert where he was needed. As I commence the work on my next book, one thing I know is that Mike hasn't heard the last of me.

Ross R. Blaising, co-author (with Robbie R. Reese) of The Soul of Real Estate: Rethinking the World's Greatest Profession, July 7, 2014

I am absolutely thrilled that I found Mike Presky and used his services for my dissertation. His attention to detail reassured me that I handed in a perfect project. Excellent ongoing communication throughout the process and quick turn-around as well!

Reading the completed version of the doc makes my work, which has been cobbled together over a long period (like all dissertations), look cohesive and polished. Mike deserves extra thanks for straightening out the statistics tables, which I imagine was no pleasant chore. Use Mike's services, and you won't be disappointed!

Mark Murgrage, PhD, October 13, 2014

Thank you so much for your help in editing. Thank you for your excellent work.

Walter P., May 31, 2013

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Fiction Editing
This is the first time I've had any work done by Michael Presky, and it certainly won't be the last. His editing was clean and concise, as he worked actively to preserve the author's voice while making it as smooth as possible for the reader. He was fast and thorough, and his services were not extravagantly priced. Excelsior!

Thomas B., Author

Prompt, perceptive, and possessing a keen eye, Michael was a great editor to work with. His edits on my manuscript At the End (to be published by Permuted Press), gave me a whole new perspective for the piece, with apt corrections and suggestions, he improved the grammar, smoothed out the plot, and really polished it up for publication. Email correspondence was great, and he answered--in detail--an entire laundry list of concerns I had with the pre-edited manuscript. I don't know about other fields, having only worked with him in science fiction, but for the genre I definitely recommend him as a choice editor.

John Hennessy
Author of At the End (The Road to Extinction, Book 1); Life Descending (The Cry of Havoc, Book 1), Darkness Devouring (The Cry of Havoc, Book 2)

I'm the co-author of "DEMON DAYS" a thriller book series. I'm also an indie author, working with an indie publishing company (Lono Publishing) on my books.

In 2011, we were looking to find an editor we could work with on our "DEMON DAYS" project, a manuscript that had taken two years to write and would eventually be divided into DEMON DAYS - BOOK TWO, THREE and FOUR of the series.

That's right; the editing work was for a manuscript eventually encompassing three books! Over 180,000 words!

We needed an editor who would be meticulous... handle the work within a tight time frame... and do it for indie publishing prices.

After several false starts with other editors, we xcame across Michael Presky through an online advertisement. To underline the point -- Presky isn't a relative, a friend, or even referred to me by a friend. I've never even actually met Michael Presky.

But I know he exists because Michael Presky was an amazing editor on our books!

He digested all of our desires for the project, then worked tirelessly to deliver his services (services being a loaded word, because really a good editor is also bringing something artistic to the process as well) on time.

His editing was indeed meticulous. He caught problems throughout the 180,000 word manuscript that my co-author and I both missed (and that's after working on the manuscript for two years).

Frankly, if Mr. Presky did not catch some of our mistakes there's no doubt my co-author and I would have looked like monkeys with typewriters when readers eventually read the published books.

I will end this endorsement of Mr. Presky's capabilities with what I always believe is the best testament to one's capability -- Michael Presky will be editing my latest thriller book series, "Black Mariah."

Richard Finney, Author and Screenwriter
Los Angeles, California

Mike is very engaging, responsive, very smart and opinionated, and overall great to work with!

Ramesh S., May 16, 2014

I hired Mr. Presky to edit a novella I'm submitting to a publisher. He was professional, timely and extremely easy to communicate with. He did a phenomenal job. One should definitely consider him if they are in need of an excellent editor. I was lucky to have Michael Presky as my editor.

Shentale B., March 29, 2014

I just published my book "Beyond Love" thanks to the efficient and professional work done by Michael. His work is not limited to correcting and fixing wording or grammatical errors, although he does that, but Michael's editing considers the work in its totality looking at content, overall structure, smooth transition among paragraphs, clarity and style. Undoubtedly Michael's editing skills contribute a huge value to any book he handles. Michael also is human, friendly and a very easy going person. If there is no doubt that editing is a very important part of publishing process, Michael Presky is the ideal man to do the job. I'm having him work on my next book now. Highly recommended.

Moustafa E., March 15, 2016

Very professional. Unhurried. Helpful advice provided every step of the way. Despite multiple changes by me to text, he stayed the course and was astute catching errors.

Jim M., October 19, 2013

Mike worked very hard to edit my book. He is an honest and professional person who is easy to deal with and will follow through to the very end to make sure you are happy and content with the finished product. He made excellent suggestions and was always willing to correspond with me throughout the whole process. I will be very happy for him to edit my new book. Thanks Mike.

Steve M., October 14, 2013

Michael Presky came recommended for his fiction editing from another author and his work for Permuted Press didn't disappoint. Michael's editing is thorough, he is honest and straightforward with his assessments, and his speed is topnotch.

Jacob Kiel
Author and Founder of Permuted Press, August 14, 2013

I needed somebody to reformat my 80 page MSWord manuscript in prep for publication. It was done on a Mac, so I needed somebody who understood that stuff changes from Windows to OS X. He did the job!

Paul G., August 12, 2013

Mike did a great job reviewing my manuscript. He gave me useful feedback which encouraged me to continue working on the book. I hope to work with him again as I enter the editing stage.

Brent C., August 9, 2013

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Academic Editing
Michael Presky is a pleasure to work with. He is consistent, reliable and professional. If you give him a deadline, he meets it. He is an expert in APA editing which was required for my school journals, research papers and extensive notes. We have worked together for many years. He understands complex grading rubrics and would give feedback on how to improve, encouraging me to rewrite areas in my paper that were weak. I owe my consistent grades of "A" to him. I have recommended him to fellow advanced practice nursing students who were also pleased with his service. It is hard to find an editor who understands graduate level work. He is a jewel and I highly recommend him.

Wendy Piper, RN, BSN, MSN
Advanced Practice Nurse
Los Angeles, California

I have worked with Michael during my PhD. dissertation between late 2009 and 2010. He edited my writing, proofread and even made some useful suggestions regarding to the paragraph relations. He was very responsive, friendly, and most importantly very much on schedule with his work during the whole process. So, I was really happy with his work and highly recommend him to my friends and to anybody who looks for an editor.

Sema D., Phd, Turkey, September 18, 2013

Mike is an all-star editor and extremely flexible. I approached Mike with just a couple months to go before an important dissertation deadline. He readily helped me, despite the fact I should have provided him with my materials many weeks prior. In addition, Mike's detailed feedback and extremely strong editorial skills made my process so much smoother than it could have been. I have happily referred colleagues and friends to Mike for his assistance with various writing projects.

Corinna C., February 4, 2016

I recently had the opportunity to work with Michael Presky during the final stages of completing my dissertation. He was simply a consummate professional to work with. I completed a mixed-methods research design that resulted in a 200+ page dissertation with a copious amount of interrelated tables and charts. Michael's attention to detail was impeccable. He consistently met the program deadlines for the project and provided timely communication. I would highly recommend him for any large scale editing project of such caliber.

Heather W., January 29, 2016

I needed professional editing while working on my Doctoral Manuscript. Our group was given a list of previously used editors, who turned out to be either highly over-rated, or too big for their britches.

So I did a Google search and held my breath! That was until I found Michael on a similar site. His rates were phenomenal, and so were his reviews.

I took a gamble, reached out to him, and will NEVER use another editor again. He really helped me with paper organization, unique APA editing, and gave me great suggestions on how to strengthen particular points.

Out of a group of 10, I was the only one who needed minor final modifications. Mike is easy to work with, gets back to you quickly, keeps you on course. Excellent choice!!

Cynthia H., January 28, 2016

I've worked with Michael for over 3-4 years now, and all I can say is that he is the BEST!! He edited several of my nursing research papers and various written projects. I like the fact that he was always flexible, prompt, proficient, and HONEST. Awesome work, Michael! Thank you so much!! This is legit post from a real client.

Liza J. Coe, MPH, MSN, CPNP
Los Angeles, California

I don't know if I would have finished my PhD without Michael's help. He edited each chapter of my dissertation, making comments and suggestions on grammar, style, clarity, etc. He concentrated on specific areas as I requested, always delivered on time or early, and was prompt, courteous, and friendly in his communications. A great find!

Amanda Bain, Ph.D.
Los Angeles, California

I worked with Michael for three years while researching for my Doctorate in Education at Oregon State University. He was amazing with his editing, word association, extensive knowledge of APA, and attention to details such as spelling, grammar and punctuation. He understood the subject and was very helpful in clarifying my ideas and making the writing flow. He was especially helpful with the literature review, which was extensive, very difficult and required numerous drafts. He was also very effective with time and turning work around back to you.

I owe quite a bit of my accomplishment to Michael. A definite must for Masters and PhD editing, not to mention book publishing. A great source for professionals.

John Glavan, Ph.D.
Professor, Los Angeles City College
Chair, Social Studies Department
Los Angeles, California

Michael Presky really helped me get through my dissertation. I couldn't have gotten it done as soon as I did without him. Very knowledgeable and helpful -- highly recommended!

Cathy (CJ) Johnson, Ed.D., Educational Technology
Associate Professor, Pasadena City College
Pasadena, California

Michael was a pleasure to work with. He was very thorough and on time and helped me a lot with my paper. His services are great and you won't be disappointed if you decide to work with him.

Aleena S., March 11, 2014

Mr. Presky is a great editor. He is very professional and organized. It's been a long time that I have worked with him. He has edited many of my papers such as term papers, research papers, and personal statements through my undergraduate and graduate school. I was always satisfied with his comments and proof-readings; they are very helpful for future writings. He is very knowledgeable and also familiar with citations and references in APA format. I am highly satisfied with his works and recommend him to everyone who's looking for a great editor.

Sam D., January 8, 2014

Mike--Thank you again for all your support with my recent academic study. Your deep expertise, incredible diligence and genuine interest in the research has truly and distinctly contributed to its success. I highly recommend you and your work based on this exceptional, comprehensive experience.

Dr. William L. Cowen IV
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Thank you for your exceptional editing on my project. Your services were exemplary. I not only thank you for your thoughtful insight and acumen regarding APA formatting but also for your timely correspondence regarding changes to the document. I will seek your services again as I make my way into the academic world.

Peter F., March 3, 2016

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More Academic Editing
I needed an editor for a dissertation I was writing, though I had run into a couple of people who said they were editors, time showed that they knew more about charging for the work than the work itself. When I met Mike on Thumbtack, he not only came across as honest, but he put his heart into the dissertation as if it were his own. He enhanced my word usage and filled in the empty spaces with very professional linguistic tones all within a very short period of time.

What impressed me about the service is that it took all of the pressure off as my dissertation was accepted. Michael's maturity and know how went beyond that of mere money and for me, I could not think of anything which could have been better!

James Barkley, D.Min.
Doctor of Ministry, with Emphasis in Leadership
Los Angeles, California, March 3, 2013

Mr. Presky recently edited my dissertation as part of my doctoral program at the University of New England. His prior knowledge of the program and experience with APA formatting helped me to complete and successfully defend my dissertation. The majority of our conversations occurred through email as I live in Maine and he lives in California. Mr. Presky provided a clear overview of the costs for his services and he offered multiple options for payment which was convenient. Mr. Presky provided great feedback and he met or exceeded all timelines and deadlines for submittal. I would highly recommend Mr. Presky if you have a need for editing services.

Richard G., February 6, 2016

I hired Michael to help me with my writing on a very important paper, which I was stuck on moving forward. Michael knows the right questions to ask to get you moving forward to finish the project. In addition, Michael's knowledge of APA is amazing, and his quickness to turn papers around is by far the best yet! His skillset is 5 Stars and I have recommended him to many of my colleagues.

Virginia G., August 20, 2013

I've worked with Mike for many years. He edited my papers when I was going to school and always did a great job. Since then I've had him do my business letters and such. Always helpful, prompt, and willing to do small jobs. I highly recommend him as an editor.

Howard G., January 8, 2016

Mr. Presky is an outstanding editor with both skills and patience. He helped me with revising my academic paper and gave me useful advice on how to improve my writing in the future. I definitely recommend him for people who need help with essay revision.

Zhenni Z., March 16, 2014

Mr. Presky is a wonderful editor. He is familiar with APA format, he is very professional, skilled, reliable editor. I have worked with Mr. Presky for more than five years and I highly recommend him for anyone who is working on a manuscript, paper, book.

Halle F., November 25, 2013

Michael has been amazing. Detail oriented, professional and a very good communicator. I hightly recommend him for dissertation editing services. Top notch!

Greg E., July 4, 2013

Did my dissertation. Outstanding Job! Great communication from start to finish and completed the work in a timely manner. Very meticulous, looking for every mistake and detail. Will use Michael again for future projects! - From a Doctoral Student

Charles P., June 27, 2013

Mike is an excellent and efficient editor and proofreader. He is dedicated and works in a timely and very courteous manner. He is knowledgeable and very organized. His price is also very reasonable for me since I am a student. Thanks Mike for all of your help.

Judy V., June 4, 2013

Mr. Presky is an outstanding editor. He has excellent people skills. I will recommend him to any doctoral student who needs a dissertation editor. You will not encounter any APA style issues.

Prosper Torku, February 28, 2015

Michael helped me to edit my dissertation. He was very persistent and accurate. Michael was very professional, friendly and patient. After I submitted the corrections he was very open to answer/correct any questions and minor adjustments to the paper. I am looking forward to using him in the future.

Eyanna R., February 15, 2015

I hired Mike to help me with my dissertation. Very helpful, professional, and comprehensive in his edits. I appreciated Mike's extreme attention to detail and his command of APA formatting. I have recommended him to many other of my fellow graduate students at UNE.

Laura B., January 5, 2015

Mike kindly and effectively went through my research drafts and provided many extremely helpful suggestions. He is also highly responsive to all inquires!

Dennis C., February 5, 2016

Mike Presky was an excellent help with correcting several of my graduate writting assignments. He is very reliable, patience and punctual. I highly recommend his expertise to any of my classmates.

Kim T., January 28, 2016

I am extremely happy with Michael. English is not my first language, so I desperately needed help editing my thesis. Michael was attentive and very quick!

I am definitely recommending him to some school mates.

My thesis looks unbelievable and my board are very impressive with the changes that Michael made. Thank you so much. Marialice

Marialice S., April 2, 2014

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