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Money Matters: 2017 Pricing
Every manuscript or writing project is different. Sometimes editing is rather straightforward... and sometimes not. There are many factors and details to consider, and books come in all shapes and sizes.

I charge by the project, not by the word or page, based on how long it will take. Manuscripts vary considerably and I offer various services.

Some projects can continue through numerous revisions, but some can be wrapped up rather quickly. Depends on where you are in the writing process. Length is not necessarily the most determinative factor. A 100 page dissertation can easily take longer than proofing a 300 page novel.

Send me something to review and I will give you a flat rate for the project. Thoroughly editing a full-length manuscripts generally takes from one to four weeks, but "length" is a very flexible term, and of course it depends on what you need done. Some projects require only a day or two. Proofing and final formatting can be rather straightforward.

A writer's level of skill would also influence pricing; some writers need more work than others, as do manuscripts at the earlier stages.

There is a difference between editing or preparing a manuscript for some specific purpose, and working with a writer on a book over a period of time, involving several drafts, revisions and repeated copyediting and such. It helps if the writer and the editor understand this from the beginning.

Fiction. A basic editing of a novel includes a thorough line and copyediting, basic formatting and clean-up, highlight of areas that need addressing, and a developmental write-up with my thoghts and suggestions; but not including major revisions or rewriting, more just identification of where they might be possible or necessary.

It does not include absolute final proofing and preparation for publishing. Among other things, that would require you reviewing my edits and finalizing absolutely everything. Once you're ready to completely sign off on it and go ahead with the publishing, a final proofing would be required. Taking the text and self-publishing is another project, although I can offer a flat rate for everything.

Academic. Theses and dissertations are different. They generally aren't nearly as long as most books and novels, but can require more time. Most dissertations would be between $750 and $1750 for basic copyediting and formatting for submission.

Self Publishing. I can help you prepare a text for self publishing on Amazon, print-on-demand and Kindle. Other formats as well, but they are the standard, and they sure do make it easy. Either packaged with the editing services or as a separate project.

Contact me with details about what you have, I'll review it and let you know what I can do for you, and give you a quote and timeline. I can give a tentative estimate based on a sample, and can do a sample editing--but I must see the complete manuscript before I can commit to a price or deadline, to make sure we're on the same page (so to speak). Feel free to call to chat.

Examples of some ebooks I've worked on, and some sample dissertations in APA and Chicago to download.

Red Pencil Alternatives
If you're strapped for cash, as most writers and students usually are, the most economical way to edit something is to do an old-fashioned red-penciling of a printed draft. This only requires pointing out errors, not making the actual corrections to them in the Word doc. It's more efficient, and might be best if you are in the earlier stages of a work and looking for more general comments and such rather than a final proofing.

Payment, Usually Paypal
I generally ask for something up front, one-fourth to one-half, and the balance within 30 days of completion, though preferably on delivery, or according to some other payment plan. One has to stay flexible in these challenging economic times and I'm open to spreading out payments.

Payment of any amount be made through Paypal to account:

You don't need a PayPal account to use this method--a credit or debit card is all. You are not required to sign up with PayPal.

I can also send you a request for payment for any specific amount, which simplifies things, and can act as an invoice.

I also accept checks and USPS money orders.

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Client Reviews
Michael Presky came recommended for his fiction editing from another author and his work for Permuted Press didn't disappoint. Michael's editing is thorough, he is honest and straightforward with his assessments, and his speed is topnotch.

Jacob Kiel
Author and Founder of Permuted Press, August 14, 2013

I don't know if I would have finished my PhD without Michael's help. He edited each chapter of my dissertation, making comments and suggestions on grammar, style, clarity, etc. He concentrated on specific areas as I requested, always delivered on time or early, and was prompt, courteous, and friendly in his communications. A great find!

Amanda Bain, Ph.D.
Los Angeles, California

Mike is an all-star editor and extremely flexible. I approached Mike with just a couple months to go before an important dissertation deadline. He readily helped me, despite the fact I should have provided him with my materials many weeks prior. In addition, Mike's detailed feedback and extremely strong editorial skills made my process so much smoother than it could have been. I have happily referred colleagues and friends to Mike for his assistance with various writing projects.

Corinna C., February 4, 2016

Michael Presky really helped me get through my dissertation. I couldn't have gotten it done as soon as I did without him. Very knowledgeable and helpful -- highly recommended!

Cathy (CJ) Johnson, Ed.D., Educational Technology Associate Professor, Pasadena City College Pasadena, California

Michael was a pleasure to work with. He was very thorough and on time and helped me a lot with my paper. His services are great and you won't be disappointed if you decide to work with him.

Aleena S., March 11, 2014

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Pablo Picasso, Olga Reading

Pacific Literary Arts
Michael Presky
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