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Happy New Year
I am very pleased to begin 2017 by formally announcing Pacific Literary Arts and especially the launch of a new web site. It's my business site, but also a celebration of the ancient and glorious arts of reading and writing, of the world of literature and especially of writers.
I edit manuscripts, mostly novels and dissertations but almost any kind of writing, and help prepare them for print or digital publication. Whatever I can do to help writers realize their visions and reach readers.
Please visit to find out more about my services and explore things literary and scholarly. Ebooks and self-publishing as well. I know how to make Kindle and print-on-demand books.
Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg
I've had many sites over the years. Taking advantage of today's bandwidth, this latest one is lavishly decorated with book-related photos and paintings, people reading and writing, and some of my favorite writers. It's best viewed on larger screens.
It's my design and code, a work in progress, and I'll be adding to it over time. Especially adding more of the tranquil pictures of girls and women reading, an image I find calming and inspirational in tumultuous times.
Please forward this to anyone who might be interested; young novelists, old professors, anyone with a book in them. Join me on Facebook or LinkedIn.
Thanks. Hope it's a great year for you and yours. And if your resolution is to get going on that book, maybe this is a sign.
"All you have to do is write one true sentence."
                                   -- Ernest Hemingway
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