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image of painting
Pierre Bonnard, Young Woman Writing

About Pacific Literary Arts
PLA is a celebration of the ancient and glorious arts of reading and writing, especially of the writers. I edit manuscripts, mostly novels and dissertations, and help prepare them for publication. Whatever I can do to help writers realize their visions and get it out to readers.

Read about the services I offer here and the pricing here. I've done all kinds of writing projects, hundreds of them, and am open to anything.

The editing process over the internet is rather straightforward: Word docs are exchanged through email, payment is by the project, usually through Paypal. I can also red-pencil a printed copy, the most economical approach. All manuscripts are different. Send me something to review and we can go from there.

The site as a whole basically celebrates readers and writers, and is illustrated with many photos and paintings of people reading, mostly women since they are the greatest readers and keep literature alive. More about me and this site below.

image of painting

About Mike
I have a varied and eclectic background. I have been a full-time editor since 2003. Have worked on all kinds of writing projects, mostly academic, altho plenty of fiction as well. I bring many skills to the table.

Well Read

Great editors are great readers. Writers too in fact. I have been a voracious reader for many years, and know the world's literature very well. Have worked on dissertations in pretty much every field. I especially love genre literature, mysteries, science fiction and fantasy, westerns, adventure tales, you name it.

To get an idea of my tastes and background, see this page for photos of some of my favorite writers and this one for some women writers.

Word Processing Specialist

I have worked with all versions of Word for both Mac and Windows since the first versions, back in the early 80s, and know all its quirks and foibles. I especially have extensive experience with very large files, those with hundreds of footnotes or dozens of graphics or tables.

Computer Programmer and Web Designer

I have been a web designer and coder, working on dozens of sites during the late 1990s and early 2000s. I taught web design for the Eugene, Oregon Freenet during the late 1990s. I don't code anymore, but ebooks are basically stripped-down web sites, using HTML, and can advise and assist where needed. I designed and coded this site.

Ebooks and Self-Publishing

I was one of the first ebook developers in the world, back in the early 1990s. In 1996, I won a rave five-star award from MacUser for my ebook program for the Mac. I have prepared many ebooks and print-on-demand books, and am very familiar with the various issues and what's involved.

image of painting
Anne, Emily and Charlotte Bronte
Painted by their brother Branwell (c. 1834). He painted himself among his sisters, but later removed the image so as not to clutter the picture.

About This Site
Excited about the 2017 version of this site. I've had web sites since 1996, but this one is much better. It looks best on desktops with larger screens. Thanks to the improvements in bandwidth I've felt free to include lots of graphics. I will be making a mobile version without the graphics, but big screens are much better.

This site is also more idiosyncratic and personal than earlier versions. It's very free-form and very wordy. Wander around and explore things literary, especially my editing services, thoughts on writing, self publishing and other topics. It's an ongoing work-in-progress, and I will be adding to it over time.

The best thing about being an editor is that I work mostly with women since the publishing industry is one of the few in which women are the majority, as writers and agents and more. Above all, women are the greatest readers and purchase the majority of books. Nearly everyone has been taught to read by a woman.

As a tribute to the ladies, this site is decorated with photos and paintings of girls and women reading and writing. It has been a common subject for many great artists. Rembrandt, Picasso and Matisse revisited it regularly. Renoir especially so, doing dozens of versions. I hadn't realized just how many there are. Thousands of them. It's practically its own genre. A quiet, reflective, civilized image.

There are also many photos of my favorite writers. See this page of some of my favorite writers and this one of women writers.

Here's a Pinterest page of images of women reading.

Client Reviews
I've worked on thousands of writing projects of all descriptions, and with hundreds of writers. Here are some reviews. There are more scattered around the site. And a whole page of them here.

We have recently finished a very complicated book involving numbers, lots of text and images. Michael spent hours and hours going through the book, seeing it through about seven drafts. Michael is wonderful to work with, reliable, smart and very thoughtful. He is our editor of choice. He also just finished editing a three book children series and we will have more to send him soon.

Sharon Blair, Author and Publisher
Immaginaire Press, Santa Monica, May 8, 2014

It is with earnest conviction that I recommend Michael as a diligent editor and outstanding leader relative to his skills associated with artistic vision, proofing, formatting, as well as finalization. Over the past few months, I've had the opportunity to assess Michael's professional activities through feedback from my fellow doctoral cohort members. When it came time to select an editor for my dissertation, I did not have to think twice about who I would work with.

Michael is a true professional in every sense of the word and places his clients' interests as priority. His multi-faceted approach exemplifies his dedication to goal achievement. Michael emanates a sense of trust-worthiness that makes you feel secure during what is without a doubt a very involved process. It is with pleasure and gratitude that I provide my highest endorsement.

Dr. Carie Powers, PhD, November 2, 2015

Mike just finished editing my dissertation, a job that I dramatically underestimated! Running short on time, and drained from the typical dissertation runaround, I finally sought help in getting through editing and formatting. Mike worked so hard for me, finding more errors than I care to admit! He did a fantastic job with my reference list, which was improperly formatted, and often missing the doi for my articles. He cross checked his work with the guidelines from my school (Capella University), and worked to ensure he had things formatted to their specifications.

Communication with Mike was smooth and easy from the get go. He responded to all my emails very quickly, usually within hours, but not longer than a day. He even worked on the weekend to get my edits completed for me! There were a few points when we needed to make some additional changes, and all that was accomplished seamlessly.

Mike finished his work for me in a short period of time and for a very reasonable price.

Most importantly, once Mike was through with his edits, my dissertation was approved with no further edits needed!

I whole-heartedly recommend Mike for anyone looking for an honest, hard-working, easy going, meticulous editor. A million thanks to you, Mike!

Julie H., March 1, 2015

I am absolutely thrilled that I found Mike Presky and used his services for my dissertation. His attention to detail reassured me that I handed in a perfect project. Excellent ongoing communication throughout the process and quick turn-around as well!

Reading the completed version of the doc makes my work, which has been cobbled together over a long period (like all dissertations), look cohesive and polished. Mike deserves extra thanks for straightening out the statistics tables, which I imagine was no pleasant chore. Use Mike's services, and you won't be disappointed!

Mark Murgrage, PhD, October 13, 2014

Thank you so much for your help in editing. Thank you for your excellent work.

Walter P., May 31, 2013

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