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Editing Services
Welcome to Pacific Literary Arts. We offer a variety of general-purpose editing, formatting, proofing and epublishing services.

We can edit any kind of writing, from letters to lengthy works. Excellent spelling and grammar, an eye for detail and the patience to catch small errors.

We love books of all kinds. We work with all kinds of writers and any type of writing. We specialize in the following areas:

Books. We do complete editing of books of any length, fiction or non-fiction. After the writing is completed, let us do your final formatting and proofing and assist you in preparing the manuscript for publication in print or as an ebook.

Academic. We've worked with a lot of students over the years. Help with papers, theses, or dissertations. Organization, flow, research, thorough editing and proofing. Familiar with APA, MLA, Chicago and other formats.

Ebooks. We can help you prepare and publish your ebook. Ebooks are easy to publish (it's the writing that's hard), but they need to be edited, just like any other type of book.

Book Assessment. Reading, evaluation and red-penciling of a manuscript.

Proofing. We can proof writings of all lengths, everything from letters to complete books.

Manuscript Preparation. Once a book is all ready to go we can prepare it for final publication, whether as a printed book or ebook or even a web site.

Extensive word processing experience on both PCs and Macs. We know Microsoft Word very, very well and are familiar with its many powerful features, as well as its idiosyncrasies.

Reasonable pricing and flexible payment plans, suitable for challenging economic times, especially for students. Contact us for an estimate.

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What Our Customers Say
Mike, You rock so hard, so brutally, and with such magnificence, my heart is moved to the beat of your footfalls. That is just how much I appreciate you.

James Crawford, Author

I'm the co-author of "DEMON DAYS" a thriller book series. I'm also an indie author, working with an indie publishing company (Lono Publishing) on my books.

In 2011, we were looking to find an editor we could work with on our "DEMON DAYS" project, a manuscript that had taken two years to write and would eventually be divided into DEMON DAYS - BOOK TWO, THREE and FOUR of the series.

That's right; the editing work was for a manuscript eventually encompassing three books! Over 180,000 words!

We needed an editor who would be meticulous... handle the work within a tight time frame... and do it for indie publishing prices.

After several false starts with other editors, we came across Michael Presky through an online advertisement. To underline the point -- Presky isn't a relative, a friend, or even referred to me by a friend. I've never even actually met Michael Presky.

But I know he exists because Michael Presky was an amazing editor on our books!

He digested all of our desires for the project, then worked tirelessly to deliver his services (services being a loaded word, because really a good editor is also bringing something artistic to the process as well) on time.

His editing was indeed meticulous. He caught problems throughout the 180,000 word manuscript that my co-author and I both missed (and that's after working on the manuscript for two years).

Frankly, if Mr. Presky did not catch some of our mistakes there's no doubt my co-author and I would have looked like monkeys with typewriters when readers eventually read the published books.

I will end this endorsement of Mr. Presky's capabilities with what I always believe is the best testament to one's capability -- Michael Presky will be editing my latest thriller book series, "Black Mariah."

Richard Finney, Author and Screenwriter
Los Angeles, California

Michael Presky is a pleasure to work with. He is consistent, reliable and professional. If you give him a deadline, he meets it. He is an expert in APA editing which was required for my school journals, research papers and extensive notes. We have worked together for many years. He understands complex grading rubrics and would give feedback on how to improve, encouraging me to rewrite areas in my paper that were weak. I owe my consistent grades of "A" to him. I have recommended him to fellow advanced practice nursing students who were also pleased with his service. It is hard to find an editor who understands graduate level work. He is a jewel and I highly recommend him.

Wendy Piper, RN, BSN, MSN
Advanced Practice Nurse
Los Angeles, California

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